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Helion Lodge #1

QUARTERLY      Vol. 6   No. 4

Spring 2001

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Established 1811

From The East

The year seems to passing by at a fast pace.  It will be Christmas before we know it.  I would like to thank my Brothers for their support and I want each one of you to know how much I appreciate the support you have given me.  It is a lonely place in the East and your help and support has been so helpful.  Brothers, if I can help any of you, please feel free to call on me.

I would like to compliment our officers for their interest in performing the work, as it should be done.  In relation to this, I must also give thanks for the cadre of Past Masters who give of their time and efforts to help us learn the work. I know that sometimes it must be difficult, especially with someone like me, to go on.  These Brothers, bless them, keep on until you get it.

Brothers, we will be establishing an official Web Site for the Lodge.  Brother Toby Norris will spearhead a committee to accomplish this.  Please give him your support in this difficult task.

I know that the fall is a busy time for yard work and football season however, there is work that needs to be done at the Lodge. We need all our Brothers there to help with the operation of the Lodge.  Come out and I think you will see what you are missing.

George A. Hall

Worshipful Master

A Message From The South

Dear Brothers; 

As we begin this year, let us keep in mind several ways by which we may show support for our Lodge.  Firstly the Lodge voted to participate in the Huntsville Pilgrimage Association Tour on Saturday May 9, 2001.  Brothers it has been several years since we have participated in this event, and I believe that our support of the association tour enhanced this important community event which, in turn, raised money for the maintenance of Maple Hill Cemetery—a place where many brother Masons rest and where we have performed many Masonic funerals.

I also want to remind you of the Cornerstone 2000 project and to convert the phone service for the benefit of the Lodge.  I have already changed my service and the service of two of the phones of my family.  I now also carry a Cornerstone 2000 phone card.  Please contact Brother Charlie Simpson or e-mail me at and I forward your message to him.

David Milam

Junior Warden


Upcoming Events

Up-Coming Events Helion Lodge will celebrate the Christmas season with a Lodge Dinner on December 16 at 6:00 PM in the Lodge dinning room.


The following Brothers were recently raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason to become true and faithful brothers among us.  All of Helion Lodge congratulates them on their preferment.

Lawrence E. Gilliss

Edward S. Lynch


In Memoriam      

The following brethren have dropped forever the working tools of life and now reside with the Supreme Grand Master.  We shall forever hold them in our memories and will truly miss them at our gatherings.

Harry L. Christian

Donald Stone

James C. Harris

Jesse C. Price


From the Editor

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