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Fall 2001

From The East

This message is the WM's Acceptance Address delivered to the Brethren at the Installation of Officers held June 30, 2001. 

"Welcome, bothers, sisters, and honored guests. Back in April of the year, I had the opportunity to have lunch with Mikhail Gorbachev, former President of the Soviet Union. Some things that he said were very memorable to me. 

He revealed that he never planned to do great things, such as the disbanding of the Soviet Union and leading his country towards a democratic society. While he studied at the University of Moscow, he was exposed to the principles of democracy. Those principles stayed in his mind for many years. 

As his professional life changed from year to year, he found himself in politics and he kept working, making little changes in his life, until the day he was selected to become the President of the Soviet Union. At that time, he realized that he had the power and desire to change the world, as it was then. And change it he did, drawing on those principles of democracy that he was exposed to in his formative years at the University of Moscow so many years before. 

When I joined this fraternity, I had no thoughts of becoming any kind of officer. I joined the fraternity for the friendship, morality, and brother love found in Masonry. I saw the type of men that were Masons and I enjoyed being around them. 

After I decided to join, I informed my wife, Romay, that I might want to be a Mason. That's when I found out that her father was a Mason. I was so impressed that I had to join this fraternity. 

We have pictures at home of Romay's father holding her sister Joan as a baby and Romay and her sister Perla as toddlers standing next to him and he's wearing the ring that I wear today. 

The night I was raised to the degree of Master Mason, even though our children, Scott and Melissa, were still young, they were allowed to stay up later than usual by Romay. When I got home that night, there on the kitchen table was a cake decorated with a square and compasses and they presented me with Romay's father's ring. That night was like a birthday party with us staying up late eating cake and ice cream. 

I never planned on becoming Worshipful Master. But like that captain of a ship, he never sees to port to which he is sailing. He continually makes small course corrections to finally reach his destination. 

By being appointed to positions by the Past Masters to serve the Lodge, and by the little course corrections I made over the years prompted by my brothers of the Lodge, I now find myself standing before you. 

Brother officers, by your joining this fraternity and living the lessons taught to you in the degrees of Masonry, I hope you have also found yourself changing as your responsibilities have become more and more extensive. Through your hard work and dedication to serve the Lodge, you are unselfishly progressing toward the office of Worshipful Master. For myself, I am grateful to the Past Masters who continued to appoint me so that I could continue serving the Lodge. 

My brothers of the Lodge, I am grateful to you for electing me to the offices of Junior and Senior Warden, positions where I could be taught further lessons in preparation for the position to which you have now elected and installed me: lessons in labor and refreshment and in harmony and support 

I'd like for ya'll to know the brothers who most influenced me in my Masonic passport. 

E.J. Wadsworth, who patiently came to my shop and taught me my lessons. I thank you for making the Welcome Address this afternoon. 

Bob Kachelhofer, who always told me to speak up so everyone can hear you while you're doing your work and always made me feel good when he gave me that little wink every time I did it right. Thank you, Bob. 

J.D. Harris, who let me wear down the floor in his garage teaching me the floor work of the ritual. My feet have never been so tired. Thank you, J.D. 

Clarence Landrum, who, as we Masons say, raised me. He is one of my closest brothers. I've been know at times to hug and kiss him and, Clarence, that's because I love you dearly. 

And now as Worshipful Master, I promise to endeavor to rule and to govern the Lodge with equal regularity as the Sun and the Moon. 

I look forward to an abundance of work and proper instruction to and through the craft throughout the year.

John Pavlick

Worshipful Master

From the Secretary's Desk

Just a reminder to brethren who haven't paid your 2001-2002 dues which were due by June 23. Please remit those dues as soon as possible. These monies are what your Lodge operates on during the year. It costs extra postage to have to re-bill. Please send as soon as possible.

A Message

Brothers, I have something I consider serious to talk to you about today. The lodge is doing well. We had the conference here on August 4th and there were almost 100 people here. Helion had 23 brothers present and took the trophy. It was a very good conference, much was learned, the food was good and a good time was had by all.

What I would like to discuss is the lodge itself. For those of you who haven't been here lately the windows in the front of the lodge have been replaced and light now shines into the dining room. We have bids on replacing the cornice work on the outside of the building and hopefully that will soon start. We are in the progress of having the outside doors inspected and an estimate submitted on replacing or fixing them.

Brothers, there is a lot going on at the lodge and we could use some help. Your board is working hard but we could use help in getting estimates and there is a lot of work to be done by brothers with talents (carpentry, painting, computer, and helpers). Our Bicentennial is coming up so lets make our lodge shine.

The main thing that I wanted to talk to you about has been discussed around the lodge for many years. Brothers, we have many older members who don't come because they have trouble with the steps. We have discussed an elevator for many years. Our holdup has been funding. Brothers, we need help. We need ideas, architects, sources and help. But most of all we need funding, be it donations, stocks or left in a will or as a memorial. Lets fix it so the older brothers can be a part of our lodge again.

Fraternally yours,


Did You Know?

There is a "Mission Statement", a plan for the continuation and expansion of Masonry published by the Grand Lodge of Alabama F.&A.M. since 1999. The Grand Lodge, like any modern business (yes your Lodge is a business), has had a "Mission Statement" displayed on its website since 1999. This Mission Statement has also been read in Lodge. For those of you who may have heard the Mission Statement read in Lodge and may have forgotten about it, and those who have not been Lodge for awhile or do not have access to the internet, here is the Mission Statement of your Grand Lodge of Alabama.

The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Alabama Mission Statement.

To provide a strong and viable leadership to the Masons of Alabama.  To develop and implement programs to assist the lodges in becoming more visible and active in the communities and to promote Friendship, Morality and Brotherly Love throughout the state.  To facilitate the charitable outreach of the Grand Lodge of Alabama.  To promote Honor, Integrity and Truth to all men..

Objectives of the

Grand Lodge

1. Reverse the declining membership in the lodges.

2. Make the Grand Lodge financially self-sufficient.

3. Institute Communications/ Leadership Workshops that will aid and assist the Masters, Wardens and Secretaries of the subordinate lodges into the next millennium.

4. To support the Square and Compasses Foundation (Masonic Home) and other charitable outreach programs of the Grand Lodge.

5. Revise the Alabama Masonic Code (law) to meet modern day needs, goals and objectives of the Masonic fraternity in Alabama.

6. Promote and support our Masonic youth programs in Alabama.

7. Show leadership and support to all a pendent bodies of Masonry in Alabama.

8. Project the Mission of this Grand Lodge to each individual member.

9. Move the Grand Lodge facilities from downtown Montgomery AL to a more rural location.

Goals to meet the Objectives

1. Educate the lodges through the Committee on Work, District Lecturers, and the Education and Public Relations Committee on such programs as the "Friend to "Friend" program, service to the community and family involvement. To search for and present, through these committees, programs to reduce the decrease in membership.

2. Manage and develop the real and personal property assets of the Grand Lodge to provide present and future budget funding. Prevent future requirements/requests for increased Grand Lodge dues. To coordinate and report such actions at each Grand Lodge Communication until this goal is realized.

3. Implement Communications /Leadership workshops throughout the state. Begin these workshops in calendar year 1999 in different areas of the state.

4. To work closely with and support the Square and Compasses Foundation long-range goals in determining and providing for the needs of our Masonic family. To provide adequate facilities and funding for present and future charitable needs.

5. Establish a committee to review and Constitution and Edicts. This committee will make the necessary recommendations to the annual Grand Lodge session for approval of the proposed changes.

6. Promote the visibility and needs of our Youth programs to all a pendent bodies. Support our Grand Lodge Youth Committee and communicate required programs and needs to all Masonic Bodies.

7. Promote and maintain harmonious relationships with all a pendent bodies through communication and identification of common goals to support Masonry. To assist and request assistance to meet mutual goals. Grand Lodge Officers will meet at least once during the Masonic year with all a pendent body leaders.

8. Insure that every lodge receives the "Mission Statement" and Objectives of the Grand Lodge and understands and supports the goals set to meet the objectives.

9. Formulate, and present to the Grand Lodge members, a proposed relocation plan based on inputs from the Constituent Lodges.

What do you think of it? Should there more to it?

Come to Lodge, be active in YOUR Lodge's business. Ensure that you are part of your Grand Lodge's "Mission Statement" and that you are the one who makes the decisions as to how your Lodge prospers and grows.

John A. Pavlick

WM Helion Lodge 2001-2002

Up-Coming Events

On December 8th at 6:00 pm there will be a traditional holiday dinner at Helion Lodge.  This will be a covered dish dinner with the lodge supplying all of the meat.  Bring your favorite dish and join the festivities.



By now you have noticed this is not your same old Helion Lodge "Newsletter" and I am not going to be your same old Worshipful Master.

I accepted the office as your WM only because of the love I have for you, the brethren of Helion Lodge, and for the betterment of the fraternity. As I see it I have been elected to run the "business" of your lodge and that I pledge to do. While some may enjoy the ritual of the lodge work-which may be what brings you to lodge-we must all remember that ritual is not what brings everyone to Masonry.

As Masons, one of the things we are charged with is to be charitable. We just finished with a Masonic conference held at Helion Lodge where all the intricacies of the ritual were exemplified. I have been told by some brothers that say they have no plans to join the a pendent bodies of Masonry, i.e., York or Scottish Rites and the Shrine, until they've gone through all the chairs of the blue lodge. Are they truly being honest with themselves? Aren't they really just avoiding avenues of charity because they refuse to become further involved in charitable works?

By membership alone in these a pendent bodies, they can contribute daily to the charities of the Scottish Rite, the York Rite, and the world's greatest philanthropy, the Shrine of North America and not have to do anything further than paying their membership dues.

A small portion of your membership dues contributes to these worthwhile charities. And everyday, without having to do anything else, you are being charitable. You would be helping children with learning and language disorders through the Scottish Rite. Children with eye problems are helped by the York Rite. And children suffering from burns, spinal cord injuries, or afflictions of the bones, muscles, and joints are helped by the Shrine. Look how much you can help with lifting a finger other than to pay dues to these organizations.

Think also how much you could receive in return if you got more active than just paying dues! I can't tell you how much gratification I see from those members who participate by donating their time and energies to the different activities offered.

Every one of us should be progressing through all that is available from all the Masonic bodies. If, in your heart, you've always wanted to go further but, for one reason or another, haven't done so yet, use me as an avenue to that light in Masonry you may be looking for. Ask me for more information or for applications to those a pendent bodies. If I can't answer your questions or give you the information you need, I'll direct you to someone who can. That's why you elected me. I'm here for you


From the Senior Deacon


I wanted to take just a couple of minutes of your time to express some personal thoughts. First, I want to thank each of you who attend lodge on a regular basis. I fully understand that there are some who cannot attend for various reasons, but brother, if you can make it to lodge, I would greatly enjoy sitting in lodge with you. Second, I want to express my thanks to the Past Masters of Helion Lodge. I consider an important part of Masonry to be the traditions and heritage of the craft and these dedicated brothers are forever a part of our heritage. Thank you for your leadership. Third, I would like to thank the select few brothers who have received a Grand Lodge Certificate and he assistance that they lend to our degree work. This too is a part of our heritage.

I had the great fortune on August 4 to represent our lodge at the District 2 conference by presiding in the East for the EA degree. Brothers, it was an exhilarating experience! I hope to, one day, occupy that station to initiate a new brother. I would not have been there if it were not for all the help that I got from my brothers to help me learn the work, and to them I am grateful.

The Worshipful Master has appointed me as chairman of the Fundraising Committee for this year. Brothers, if you have any thoughts on projects that we can undertake to raise money for Helion, please let me know and I will present them to the committee. No idea will be rejected until we can investigate the feasibility of doing it.

Let me close by saying that a few, short years ago I submitted a petition to Helion Lodge and did not fully understand the importance of being a Mason. Since that time, I have received a great deal of knowledge and understanding. Although I didn't know what I was getting into at the time, I would not trade it for anything now.


Dan Brown


The following Brothers were recently raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason to become true and faithful brothers among us. All of Helion Lodge congratulates them on their preferment.

Richard M. Kitchens

Ronald A. Marsico

James A. Thomas

Chad E. Rodriguez

Lewis C. Aycock

William G. Higdon

Thomas J. Herold

In Memoriam

The following brethren have dropped forever the working tools of life and now reside with the Supreme Grand Master. We shall forever hold them in our memories and will truly miss them at our gatherings.

Joseph D'Agostino

William K. Haisten

D. M. Burkett

Maurice J. Weinstein

John R. Deputy

John H. Locke Jr.

Carl M. Johnson

William A. Reynolds

Leo C. Sanderson

Luther C. Carroll

John H. Worthington

Jack F. Given

Dallas P. Brown

Donald Hipsher

Howard A. Barfield

Armon Vickers

Ralph Hanvey

Jack H. McIntyre

J.D. Pettie

Evie Shaneyfelt

Collie M. Hasting

James A. King

Raymond G. Straits

From the Editor

For information concerning this publication contact Garry Smith, Secretary Helion Lodge at the address on the top of this page, or by phone at (256)837-5277 or by email at or E.J. Wadsworth, Editor at (256)851-8039 or by email at