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QUARTERLY    Vol. 7   No. 1

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Huntsville, Alabama Winter 2002

From The East


We are now fairly well along into the New Year and rapidly nearing the end of the Masonic year and the time to renew your Lodge membership by payment of your dues.

At the 2001 Grand Lodge session last November, the Grand Lodge Finance Committee reported that for fiscal year 2002 there will be a shortfall in Grand Lodge charitable funding for the support of the Alabama Masonic Home.  After much discussion of several options, a motion was passed to assess all Lodges $15.00 per member.  This assessment is on all members and will include Lodge Life Members and Perpetual Life Members.  While we have heard much discussion that this assessment might be lifted, it has not been.  Helion Lodge will have to pay this assessment.  Without any assistance from you, it will cost the Lodge approximately $9,000.00.  Our Lodge has no option but to pay the assessment, but for you, as a member, it is strictly voluntary.

Soon your dues notice will be mailed out and with it will be a letter asking that you come to the aid of the Lodge and pay an extra $15.00 along with your dues to help offset the Grand Lodge assessment.  We are asking for your help in this.

Again, Brother, paying the $15.00 assessment is strictly up to you as a member.  Please add this assessment to your payment when remit your dues.

Yours in the faith,

John Pavlick

Worshipful Master

From the West

Thank you all for your outstanding support during the year; I have been afforded the tremendous honor of sitting in the East during some degree work in pro tempore, and I certainly enjoy the work in that role.

We are all so proud of Helion’s history- it is something that we cherish as Lodge members here, and it enriches the experience of being a Mason in Huntsville. Presently, I am writing an article for a historical review on cornerstone ceremonies, which have taken place here in the Huntsville area.  

Some places of which I had never heard have been uncovered in some of our work.  Have you ever heard of Methodist High School in New Market?  Our Grand Lodge conducted a cornerstone ceremony for that building in 1892, the same year that they placed a cornerstone at Hampton Springs Bluff Academy near Meridianville.  

Another place in which you might be interested which has one of our cornerstones is the Federal Building, formerly the Old Post Office at the corner of Holmes and Jefferson Streets, which had its cornerstone laying in 1935, complete with a photo of the ceremony in the local newspaper.  Go by the building and take a look at the Southwest Corner of the structure.  The Third Courthouse, the High School on West Clinton, and the old Madison County High School are a few other examples of local public buildings, which have had our cornerstones marking them.  Our Madison County Archivist, Mrs. Ranee’ Pruitt, has been of tremendous assistance in researching the newspaper accounts of these events. 

Brethren, our heritage as Masons is one of the best tools by which we may initiate conversations about the virtues of being a member of our fraternity. 

David Edward Milam

Senior Warden

From the South


Brethren it is now safe for you once again to don your aprons and attend lodge prayers because your prayers have been answered.... HENLEY HAS LEFT THE KITCHEN !!!  Yes I am now serving as your Jr. Deacon. For those of you have spent time in the kitchen I feel your pain. I was fortunate to have some great chefs to teach me. (Thanx Eddie and Dan.) who taught me to plan for forty and feed twenty twice.  I was living the bachelors life, cooking for one out of a can. Then I had 40+ brothers to feed! Well I am out of the kitchen now and hope you all survived without many gastrointestinal difficulties.

So come join Worshipful Master Pavlick and the rest of the brothers at Helion. We miss sharing a cup of coffee and a few stories or two with you. I promise to not be in the kitchen but I will greet you with a grip and welcome you back to Helion where you belong.

James M. Henley, Jr.

Junior Deacon

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Cahaba Temple, April 20, 7pm

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$7.50 per person

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The following Brothers were recently raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason to become true and faithful brothers among us. All of Helion Lodge congratulates them on their preferment.

Robert G. Stanley

Everett W. Hughey

Steven McGLocklin

Dale J. Wasserman

Oliver Edward Orton

In Memoriam

The following brethren have dropped forever the working tools of life and now reside with the Supreme Grand Master. We shall forever hold them in our memories and will truly miss them at our gatherings.

Lawson J. Guthrie

John T. Brown

Olen L. Meadows

Raymond Benson

Joseph Manley

Mack P. Bradford

From the Editor

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